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Peatland biodiversity monitoring questionaire

Date: 01 Mar 2018

In support of the Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands Update: Peatland Biodiversity topic, we are seeking responses from peatland projects across the UK.  Our Biodiversity Monitoring Questionnaire will help us to gain an insight into the range of biodiversity monitoring taking place.  We would encourage you to take part in this data collection to ensure that the Commission of Inquiry outputs are able to make an accurate representation of the current state of biodiversity monitoring in the UK and to make relevant policy and funding recommendations for future monitoring support.

In the first tab of the worksheet, you will find detailed instructions for completion and return of the spreadsheet.  In short, we hope to receive as many responses as possible by the 14th March to allow us to feed these results into the 19th March workshop. If return by this deadline is not possible, we would be happy to extend the final deadline for return of responses by 29th March.  Please note that if your peatland management/restoration project does not undertake any biodiversity monitoring, nil responses are also very welcome: we are trying to capture both what is being done and where the gaps currently are in national monitoring.
This spreadsheet based questionnaire has been produced by David Douglas (RSPB), lead author for the Biodiversity Topic. If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire please contact David directly (david.douglas@rspb.org.uk). Please feel free to forward this questionnaire and encourage responses from other peatland contacts.  
Please send completed forms/nil returns to emma.goodyer@iucn.org.uk