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Draft plan represents ‘a new level of ambition’ - Scotland's Climate Change Plan

Detailed proposals to achieve a 66% reduction in Scotland’s greenhouse gas emissions have been published by Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Roseanna Cunningham. 


Humberstone Bank Farm - Beyond Nature

Yorkshire Water Services (YWS) own around 70,000 acres, the majority of which is ‘non-operational’, where the primary purpose of ownership has been for catchment purposes: by owning the land we can influence the way it is managed, with a view to maintaining the quality of the water flowing off the land and into our reservoirs.


Innovative reintroduction of Sphagnum mosses vital to restoration of upland peatbogs

The plant that formed the blanket bogs of the Peak District is being reintroduced on a scale never seen before in the UK, by the team at the Moors for the Future Partnership.


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