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Huge Sphagnum planting programme across the Peak District and South Pennines

The Moors for the Future Partnership is planting more than 640,000 Sphagnum plug plants across the Peak District National Park and South Pennines throughout March.

Response to BBC: Scottish lochs important stores of carbon

The BBC News article published online on 14 February 2018 on Scottish lochs ‘important stores’ of carbon highlights the need to protect all natural systems that can help in tackling climate change. It also demonstrates the consequences of past unsustainable land management where peatlands were drained and damaged leading to erosion and peat being ‘washed’ into our sea lochs.


Peatlands synopsis launched

What’s the best action you can take to restore or conserve a peatland? To help conservationists make the best-informed decisions, Conservation Evidence has launched the peatland synopsis; a free, online resource examining the impact of 125 conservation activities on the vegetation of fens, bogs and peat-swamp forests.


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