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Iron Age wetland site in Somerset Levels reveals new insights into late prehistoric life

New excavations in the Somerset Levels demonstrate continued preservation and survival of internationally important archaeological sites in lowland wetlands.


Dartmoor’s peatlands preserve nationally and internationally important archaeological heritage

A range of recent excavation and assessment projects have demonstrated the significance of upland wetlands in Dartmoor’s past, for both extractive industry in the recent past and for social or spiritual activities in prehistory.


Peatlands and the Historic Environment in the South West of Britain

Peat has developed on the moors of South West Britain over millennia - the wet and exposed moors being conducive environments for peat formation. However, it is strongly suspected that human activity in the uplands also contributed to the breakdown of the thin soils that proceeded the peat and contributed to its spread. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the peat has been heavily damaged by erosion and drainage.


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