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Bogs have secrets

When the Cairngorms Peatland Action Project Officers were invited to take a look at an “interesting” bog they didn’t quite know what to expect.


The Peatbog Trows - Drama on the Bog

Sue White, Peatland Restoration Project Officer at Shetland Amenity Trust, writes: Most of Shetland’s hill are cloaked in blanket bog; in fact about half of Shetland is covered in peat. In general, though, local folk who drive by the hills every day have been unaware of the importance of the habitat. Shetland does, however, have a rich cultural tradition and the peaty hills, music inspired by the landscape, and tales of mysterious beings that co-habit the islands are all part of that. As peatland ecologists, we are all aware of the range of ecosytems services that peatlands provide, but what about their value as a resource for inspiring the imagination and telling stories?


Glenfeshie trials new peatland restoration technique

Contractors Barker & Bland from Cumbria started this week on peatland restoration work on an upland blanket bog in Glenfeshie Estate in the Cairngorms National Park.


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