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Flow Country exhibition launched in Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Garden is the first venue for an important exhibition which will tour across the United Kingdom.


Going to The Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, Edinburgh this weekend (22-25th June) or the Scone Game Fair in Perth (30th June- 2nd July)?

Well, if you’re a landowner in Scotland with an area of peatland, such as a blanket bog or lowland raised bog, then funding is available to restore these extremely important habitats.


Crossing the Moss: The Story of a Solway Moss and the Solway Junction Railway

In the late 1860s, a railway – the Solway Junction Railway (SJR) – was constructed across the ‘Moss’ of Bowness Common. Where it met the Solway Firth, it soared above the waves to Annan on the Scottish side, across the Solway Viaduct – a structure that was “light and elegant, and in the full tide [had] the semblance of a piece of enchanted workmanship resting on the bosom of the racing waters”.


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