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Peatlands: A Natural Solution!

Money spent on restoration now will bring benefits to carbon, water and biodiversity for centuries thereafter

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Sphagnum moss

The natural building blocks of healthy peat bogs

Emperor Moth Larva

Just one example of the diverse biodiversity living on peat habitats

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The IUCN UK Peatland Programme exists to promote peatland restoration in the UK and advocates the multiple benefits of peatlands through partnerships, strong science, sound policy and effective practice. The work of the Peatland Programme is overseen by a coalition of environmental bodies including the John Muir Trust, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, RSPB, North Pennines AONB Partnership, Moors for the Future and the University of East London.


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Pumlumon Living Landscape project test runs Peatland Code

In the Autumn of 2014 the Pumlumon Living Landscape (PLL) project, led by Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, became one of  20 successful Nature Fund recipients. This £6million funding pot, announced by the Welsh Government in July 2013, was designed to tackle the continued decline in biodiversity across Wales as highlighted by the State of Nature Report. Projects ranged from work to improve river catchments and marine ecosystems, to peatland restoration and a community project focused on woodland management. 


Volunteers work to restore Langlands Moss LNR

Volunteers at Langlands Moss - Credit Sara Green

Volunteers at Langlands Moss - Credit Sara Green (Butterfly Conservation Scotland)


The latest on peatlands in the Falklands



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