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Monitoring goes on: SCaMP Project in North West England

United Utilities SCaMP project has been monitoring impacts of restoration on peat groundwater levels, colour production/ release and vegetation enhancement for ten years and are set to continue to 2020. An interim report shows positive changes in vegetation and water quality - download below for more information.


Monitoring the mountain blackbird through Community Science

This spring sees the launch of Moors for the Future Partnership’s newest moorland wildlife survey - recording ring ouzel and redwing in the South Pennines.

These migratory thrushes - one migrating to the UK to breed in the summer, the other arriving in the autumn to overwinter - may act as good indicators of moorland health and a changing climate.


Partnership awarded as one of the best EU-funded nature conservation projects in Europe

Measures to protect Peak District and South Pennine moorlands recognised

A large-scale nature conservation project delivered by the Moors for the Future Partnership has been recognised as one of the most effective and inspiring in the EU.


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