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The IUCN UK Peatland Programme advocates the multiple benefits of peatlands through partnerships, strong science, sound policy and effective practice.

Female Emperor Moth Photo Credit: Erik Paterson

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CEM Thematic Group

The Peatland Thematic Group’s work aims to highlighting the benefits of peatland ecosystems and explore new funding opportunities for peatlands based on ecosystem services.

The group will encompass a truly international network of experts to share good practice build consensus on science and encourage national strategies for action to deliver peatland conservation and restoration. The group will work closely with other international peatland initiatives (eg IMCG, UN FAO) to ensure synergy and provide added value.

The IUCN UK National Committee Peatland Programme will provide the secretariat to support the group.

Overall purpose of the Peatland Thematic Group
1. To provide good practice advice and information aimed at peatland conservation/restoration action to support delivery of biodiversity, climate change and water objectives.
2. To support knowledge exchange with/between partners on peatland management and funding opportunities.
3. To assist the scientific community in recognizing, identifying and describing peatland ecosystems wherever they occur.
4. To support countries in adopting strategic policies for peatlands and to assess progress of peatland ecosystem management towards biodiversity and climate change targets.

• A series of international workshops exploring good practice in peatland ecosystem management and description/identification of peatlands and peatland states.
• Publish good practice guidance showcasing peatland restoration projects and private funding initiatives (eg carbon and water).
• Provide a global analysis of progress in peatland delivery of biodiversity and climate change objectives.
• Provide a web based information hub on peatland conservation and restoration

Thematic Group Leads

Clifton Bain, IUCN UK Peatland Programme
Maria Nuutinen, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

For more information please visit the Commission on Ecosystem Management Peatland Ecosystems Page