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Job Opportunity: Project Manager - Soil Mapping

Date: 09 Mar 2018

Full-time job based in Stanley, Falkland Islands. Competitive Salary (starting £31,795) and tax rates, closing date 06/04/2018.

Are you passionate about soils? Are you up for the challenge of being the principal contributor to a project preparing baseline data on soils, peatlands and erosion extent/risk on a small and remote community in the South Atlantic ocean? Are you tempted to work in a unique environment where soils support habitats for wildlife such as sea lions, elephant seals, albatrosses, penguins, sooty shearwaters, white-chinned petrels, prions and rare and endemic passerines and wild flowers?  Are you interested in working in partnership with other experts in areas such as  remote sensing, microbiology, biogeochemistry, conservation/restoration, land management, farm practice? Full details here.