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Creating a Legacy for Peatlands: A Summary of the 2016 Conference

Date: 08 Dec 2016

Creating a Legacy for Peatlands

Be part of the movement to create a lasting structure in a changing world, securing the future of UK peatlands and the benefits they provide.

Peatlands are vitally important for people, support essential wildlife habitats, hold vast stores of carbon, supply much of our drinking water, provide archaeological and environmental archives, natural flood management and offer a breathing space for those that dare to explore. Despite all this, their importance has not been appreciated until recently, leading to the demise of this valuable habitat.

Urgent steps are required to ensure the future of our peatland resource, made ever more critical in the face of a changing political environment and warming climate.

During the 2016 conference we endeavoured to find the solutions to turnaround the peatland issue and create lasting management structures that see the United Kingdom continue as leaders in the global effort to look after our peatland natural capital and leave future generations a healthy, functioning landscape.

The Conference

Where: Shropshire Conference Centre, Shrewsbury

When: Tuesday 29th November - Thursday 1st December 2016

Who: This conference will be of particular interest to practitioners, policy-makers, scientists, landowners/managers, students

During the two-and-a-half day conference we explored the financial, policy and regulatory implications for UK peatlands in the wake of 'Brexit', creating lasting management structures that drive forward peatland restoration and good management. 

In addition to the indoor sessions on Day One and Three, the conference included a field trip on Day Two, allowing delegates to explore the peatland habitats in the local area and learn more about restoration work carried out in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties in England and Wales. 

A Summary

The 2016 conference was attended by 160 enthusiastic individuals from right across the UK, as well as Belgium, Germany and Holland. The three busy days included plenary lectures, workshops and field trips, as well as networking and poster sessions. All of this resulted in lots of passionate discussion, some of which we will try to share here.

To watch the video address from Thérèse Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), please see here: https://youtu.be/iSSwi6QVhgQ

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