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Find the latest publications, briefings and reports from the IUCN UK Peatland Programme.

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Publications and Resources

Find the latest briefings and reports from the IUCN UK Peatland Programme.

LATESTIUCN Briefing Notes on Peatlands. These briefing notes are aimed at policy makers, practitioners and academics to help explain the ecological processes that underpin peatland function.

INFO: Conserving Bogs - The Management Handbook. A practical manual to the methods and techniques to effectively manage and conserve bogs.


Commission of Inquiry

The Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands was set up to produce an authoritative set of reports assessing the science on key areas of relevance to policy makers. The findings represent the culmination of 18 months of collaboration between peatland experts from land management, science and policy from across the UK, and revealed the enormous importance of our peatlands for people and wildlife. 

Demonstrating Success

IUCN UK Peatland Programme Demonstrating Success Booklet series showcase successful peatland restoration projects from across the UK and Internationally. Now published - Global Peatland Restoration: Demonstrating Success - available for download.


| 26 Feb 2018
Supporting Sustainable and Healthy Peatlands After Brexit

In planning the UK's future arrangements after Brexit, the IUCN UK Peatland Programme seeks to ensure that the importance of peatlands is fully reflected in decisions affecting the conservation and management of our natural environment. To suggest a course of action, the programme has developed ten recommendations for supporting healthy and sustainable peatlands after Brexit, which can be downloaded below.

| 26 Jan 2018
Tropical Peatlands: Their Global Importance and Role in the Water and Carbon Cycle

The University of Leicester has created a new educational resource for Higher Geography and Biology on Tropical Peatlands. Available to download below.

| 7 Nov 2017
Peatlands and Climate Change

The IUCN has released a new briefing, Peatlands and Climate Change, in time for the Bonn 2017 UN Climate Change Conference.

| 28 Sep 2017
BogFest 2017: Peatland Management & Delivery

A number of session across the three days touched on the delivery of peatland restoration and their management, with a strong focus on Day Three, Saturday 23rd September. Presentations surrounding this topic, with the relevant permissions for sharing, can be downloaded below.

| 28 Sep 2017
BogFest 2017: Peatland Finance

Peatland finance sessions focused on how peatland restoration and management might be funded post-Brexit with discussions around new nature economies and what a new agricultural subsidy scheme might look like. Most of these sessions took place on Day One, Thursday 21st September, with 1-2-1 surgery sessions on Day Two and Three. A couple of the presentations related to this topic can be downloaded below.

| 28 Sep 2017
BogFest 2017: Peatland Communications

Communications, as is its nature, had a place in each of the sessions, however focussed sessions were held on Day Three, Saturday 23rd September. These included lecture sessions from experts and a workshop to enable partners to input into future plans for public and policy engagement by the IUCN UK Peatland Programme and its partners. In addition talks were given on the cultural value of peatlands, demonstrating a connection through the ages.

| 28 Sep 2017
BogFest 2017: Peatland Policy

Policy-related sessions were dotted throughout the programme, with a particular focus on the UK Peatland Strategy and Country Action plans on Day One (Thursday 21st September), along with a Question Time session around upland issues.

| 28 Sep 2017
BogFest 2017: Peatland Science

Sessions loosely fitting under the topic heading peatland science were held across the three days, although many of these sessions interlinked with headings above. These included sessions providing an update on current scientific understanding, advances in monitoring techniques, as well as an overview of global peatlands today for which renowned peatland scientists, Prof. Hans Joosten (Greifswald Mire Centre), Prof. Susan Page (University of Leicester) and Prof. Mark Reed (University of Newcastle) provided presentations. Some of these presentations can be downloaded below.