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For Business

Peatland Code logoA Commission of Inquiry on peatlands identified a potential for one million hectares to be in good condition or under restoration management by 2020. We believe this presents significant opportunities for the business community to help meet an urgent funding need that demonstrates tangible, positive environmental results to UK stakeholders and customers.

Our proposition is for business to help fund peatland restoration projects in the UK under an innovative scheme – the Peatland Code – designed to ensure the highest environmental standards and assurances on the carbon and other benefits of the work. This scheme could have the potential to grow across the UK and globally, as well as attract and lever further public funds.

Defra’s Ecosystem Markets Taskforce describes the UK Peatland Code concept as:
“A logical next step for the carbon market, in line with recent global and EU trends towards regionalisation of carbon markets. [A UK Peatland Code] would deliver significant resources to restore peatlands which are among the UK’s most degraded habitats.”

By funding Peatland Code projects, businesses will have an opportunity to further enhance their brand integrity and value, deliver corporate sustainability objectives and contribute strategically to the long-term protection and enhancement of the UK natural environment. 

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