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The Code

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The UK Peatland Code is designed to provide an open, credible and verifiable basis for business sponsorship of specific pilot projects undertaking UK peatland restoration. The Code will assure that restoration delivers tangible climate change mitigation benefits, alongside the other benefits of healthy peat bogs for wildlife and water quality.

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At this stage, the Peatland Code is designed to facilitate business sponsorship motivated by corporate social responsibility; it is not currently intended for use in carbon offset schemes, corporate carbon reporting or to be traded on international carbon markets. The Code does provide guidance on quantifying climate and other benefits, to reinforce the value of the sponsoring restoration, and it may be possible to count these benefits in corporate carbon accounts if Government guidelines allow in future. It may also be possible to trade this carbon on carbon markets in future via additional verification to accepted international standards. 

The Science Behind the Code: a Defra report into developing peatland carbon metrics and financial modelling.