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The Peatland Code Webinar: A practical solution to a global problem

Category: other, Date: 10 Aug 2016

IEMA invited the IUCN UK Peatland Programme to hold a webinar on the Peatland Code in July 2016. Below is the recording, helping to explain this mechanism, which is designed to attract private funding for peatland restoration and providing examples of the type of work it might be used to fund.

The webinar was hosted by Nick Blyth from IEMA, with Clifton Bain (Director, IUCN UK Peatland Programme) and Rob Stoneman (Vice Chair, IUCN UK Peatland Programme) providing the presentations.


2016-07-26 12.32 The Peatland Code_ A practical solution to a global problem from IEMA on Vimeo.