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Find the latest publications, briefings and reports from the IUCN UK Peatland Programme.

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Publications and Resources

Find the latest briefings and reports from the IUCN UK Peatland Programme.

Updated Edition of Conserving Bogs: The Management Handbook

Conserving Bogs: The Management Handbook

Conserving Bogs: The Management Handbook is a practical manual: a cookbook of methods and techniques to help people effectively manage and conserve bogs. This new edition has been updated to reflect advances and evolution in both understanding and techniques. 

The good news is that not only can intact peatlands be conserved but damaged ones be restored, in the process realising many benefits. In the pages that follow readers can find out about the ways in which it is possible to place peatlands on the road to recovery, reversing the effects of centuries of ignorance as to their true value.” Dr. Tony Juniper CBE, 2019.


Commission of Inquiry

The Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands was set up to produce an authoritative set of reports assessing the science on key areas of relevance to policy makers. The findings represent the culmination of 18 months of collaboration between peatland experts from land management, science and policy from across the UK, and revealed the enormous importance of our peatlands for people and wildlife. 

Demonstrating Success

IUCN UK Peatland Programme Demonstrating Success Booklet series showcase successful peatland restoration projects from across the UK and Internationally. Now published - Global Peatland Restoration: Demonstrating Success - available for download.


| 1 Dec 2009
Briefing: Restoring Peatlands

Action taken now to restore peatlands could prevent massive future costs arising from the breakdown of the peatland ecosystem.

| 1 Dec 2009
Peatlands: A Global Priority

Peatlands cover less than 3% of the land surface of the Earth yet they contain twice as much carbon as the world’s forests.

| 1 Dec 2009
Peatlands and Climate Change

Damage to peatlands is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. 

| 1 Jan 2009
Business Strategy UK Peatland Programme

The peatland programme strategy has incorporated the main analyses and findings of the London Workshop which identified a range of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

| 16 Oct 2008
Report of UK Peatlands Workshop

This report is a synthesis of the themes that emerged at the workshop. It examines the initiatives and ideas that will allow practitioners and policymakers to achieve significant change.