Introducing Dorset Peat Partnership

May 26, 2023


Dorset Peat Partnership

Vegetation quadrat survey being undertaken by local volunteers on Canford Heath for discovery grant baseline surveys. Credit Grace HerveDorset Peat Partnership (DPP) is a subgroup of the Dorset Catchment Partnerships. DPP is hosted by Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) who employ the Dorset Peat Project Manager. It was formed to develop peatland restoration plans within Dorset through the Nature for Climate Peatland Grant Scheme (NCPGS) Discovery Grant. The DPP hopes to continue the partnership to deliver these plans with future funding from the NCPGS Restoration Grant bid and beyond. Our key project partners include Natural England, Environment Agency, Forestry England, BCP Council, National Trust, RSPB and one private landowner, plus key links with supportive organisations including the Dorset AONB Partnership, Bournemouth University and the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

The Dorset Heaths and mires are highly fragmented examples of lowland heath habitats which support a multitude of rare and protected species. The DPP is hoping with restoration grant funding to restore 172 hectares of this habitat across sixteen sites within the restoration grant time frame by 2025.  By re-establishing natural hydrological processes to promote the recovery of declining mire vegetation communities, this will in turn enable peat-forming and carbon storage functions across all these sites.


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