Image: IUCN UK Peatland Conference, 2018 © Sarah Proctor

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The Peat Café lunchtime lecture series: The Marling Festivals - Environmental Metaphor in Eighteenth Century England

13:00 - March 4, 2024
Join Nye Merrill-Glover (University of Bristol) at the University of Glasgow’s ‘Peat Café’ lunchtime lecture series on Monday 4 March from 1-2pm.

Workshops to underpin England's Paludiculture Roadmap

10:00 - March 5, 2024
NIAB are leading a quick scoping project on paludiculture for Defra. As part of the project, they are arranging two short on-line workshops on Tuesday March 5th and welcome participation in one / both.

Measuring biodiversity: from principles to practice webinar

13:30 - March 26, 2024
Join the IUCN UK Peatland Programme for this free webinar as we explore traditional and technological approaches to measuring biodiversity and how they are being applied in restoring and conserving our precious peatlands.  

The Peat Café lunchtime lecture series: Lancashire Wildlife Trust wetland restoration project

13:00 - April 3, 2024
Join Mike Longden (Lancashire Wildlife Trust) at the University of Glasgow’s ‘Peat Café’ lunchtime lecture series on Monday 3 April from 1-2pm.

The Peat Café lunchtime lecture series: Mossfox (a creative collaboration)

13:00 - May 6, 2024
Join Melanie Giles (University of Manchester) and Liz Ellis at the University of Glasgow’s ‘Peat Café’ lunchtime lecture series on Monday 6 May from 1-2pm.

Seminar on the functioning and the rehabilitation of European mountain peatlands

09:00 - May 15, 2024
The partners of the LIFE Climat Jura peatlands programme want to bring together researchers and managers of Central European mountain peatlands to answer a number of questions.

Sphagnum Mosses: Field Identification Course

10:30 - October 3, 2024
A 1 day course giving participants an introduction to field identification of Sphagnum mosses and other heath and mire bryophytes.

Forest to Bog Restoration cover image and example spread
New report showcases successes in forest to bog restoration'Forest to Bog Restoration: Demonstrating Success', the fourth publication the series, highlights…
Sphagnum pulchrum © Brian Eversham
Don't miss our 'Measuring biodiversity: from principles to practice' webinar!Join the IUCN UK Peatland Programme for this free webinar as we explore traditional and…
Sphagnum lindbergii (c) Emma Hinchliffe
Introducing our species showcasesThroughout 2024, we are celebrating peatland biodiversity through a series of monthly showcases…
Emperor moth (C) Pete Quinn
Come and volunteer with us!We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Communications Volunteer who can help us with our…
Snowdon (c) Marian Pye
Fill in the PeatQuest Survey to shape global peatland researchThe PeatQuest Research Project team are inviting you to participate in their global survey, as your…
Peter Jones
New Year Honours for peatland specialistNatural Resources Wales’ senior peatland specialist, Dr Peter Jones, has been awarded an MBE for…
Saltyco Engine Farm Paludiculture trials (C) E Hinchliffe
Paludiculture call for evidence for Peatland CodePlease fill in our survey! We are inviting evidence for all paludiculture sites and all crop types…
Screenshot of Virtual Peatland Pavilion
New Virtual Peatland PavilionThe IUCN UK Peatland Programme and Richard Lindsay have produced a new Virtual Peatland Pavilion,…
Clifton Bain (c) IUCN UK PP
Clifton Bain retires after 14 yearsAfter 14 years at the IUCN UK Peatland Programme, our Programme Advisor Clifton Bain, is retiring.…
One of the SCO2FLUX peatland emissions monitoring network in Shetland (c) Linda Toca
Interested in developing and validating models of peat depth, condition and water table dynamics?Developing, validating and verifying Peatland Code or other peatland restoration projects can be a…
Ben Wyvis (c) Swift Films/NatureScot
New incentive scheme for peatland project designers The first round of a new NatureScot Peatland ACTION incentive scheme to encourage more peatland…
Wemyss and March Estate (c) Swift Films Nature Scot
New training scheme to upskill peatland machine operators Peatland ACTION is piloting a new training scheme to help more people develop the skills to carry…