Peatland Code Projects Summary

Summary information on Peatland Code projects on the registry.

Image Sphagnum magellanicum © Charlie Campbell

Peatland Code Projects Summary

Peatland Code projects on the UK Land Carbon Registry

Please note the following information is correct as of 26th of October 2023:

Projects Summary

Total number of Peatland Code projects  228
Total Area of Peatland  31,047ha 
Average project size   136.1ha 
Average project duration    80 years 


Number of Peatland Code projects by Country

Number of Projects

 Scotland  England  Wales  Northern Ireland
Under Development  182  32  12  2
Project Validated  58  5  5  0
Restration Validated  12  0  0  0
Verified (at year 5)  0  0  0  0


Number of projects by peatland type

 Bog   225
 Fen    3

Validated projects

Number of validated projects                              80   
Projected emissions reduction as total number of validated, claimable Pending Issuance Units* (PIUs)        2,301,832 tonnes of CO2e   

* 1 PIU = 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide equivalents 

Under Development, Validated & Verified Combined

  Scotland  England  Wales Nothern Ireland
Net Area ha  25,632  4,424  1,142   174

Projected emissions reduction

in tonnes of CO2e   

6,121,835  633,250  71,557  30,953


Map of Peatland Code Projects








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