IUCN UK Peatland Programme

Poster presentations

Poster presentations

Poster presentations

The 8th IUCN UK Peatland Programme conference poster session showcased key pieces of research related to peatlands and/or the provision of public benefit through land management. Presentations provided insight into some of the issues around peatland policy, science, monitoring and management, in addition to sharing research on quantifying, monitoring and rewarding provision of public benefit.

We are grateful to all presenters and delighted to share the following presentations with accompanying Abstracts:

Sharing the evidence base: monitoring & research

Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes on a degraded lowland bog undergoing restoration with micro-propagated Sphagnum

Do spatial models improve peat depth predictions?

Does the rewetting of peatland cause an increase in Bog Asphodel?

Monitoring peatland restoration for carbon sequestration using satellite data

Peatland Restoration and Natural Flood Management

Simulating the long term impacts of peatland drainage

Slowing the flows; Post-forestry blanket bog restoration on the North York Moors

Peatlands & the Historic Environment

Historic Environment Best Practice In Peatland Restoration

The value of (paleo)ecology to archaeology and the 

Historic Environment


Natural capital financing for peatlands

What is Natural Capital

IUCN UK Peatland Programme - Peatland Code


Showcasing peatland restoration techniques & partnership working:


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