Conference 2020

Image courtesy of Welsh Peatland Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) Project

Conference 2020


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With the growing urgency of the climate and biodiversity emergencies and the role for nature-based solutions in mind this conference will look at taking peatland strategy to action. We will explore the vital role that healthy peatlands play in society’s adaptability, resilience and recovery as well as sharing progress made towards UK Peatland Strategy goals. 

This year’s IUCN UK Peatland Programme conference ‘Peatlands: From Strategy to Action’ will be brought to you as a virtual event in partnership with the Welsh Peatland Sustainable Management Scheme (SMS) Project

We are delighted to be able to offer delegates free access to this event. Delegates must register independently as access to the virtual conference venue is non-transferable. 

There are a limited number of conferences places available however sessions will be recorded and made available on our website after the event. Registration will not be required to view recorded content. 

Our 2020 conference, the 10th in our conference series, presents opportunities for policy makers, scientists, land managers and practitioners from different disciplines to share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of peatland conservation and management. 

Following last year’s fantastic event in Belfast, this year’s conference aims to continue to inspire people to connect with each other over peatland topics, creating space to reconnect with existing contacts, grow new networks and exchange knowledge with international peatland projects. 

Over four days (7th – 10th December) the conference will provide a forum for delegates to explore:

  • What strategic and political actions have been taken, or are being developed, across the four countries to support peatland conservation and management goals?
  • What are the peatland communities’ ambitions for biodiversity and climate targets post-2020?
  • Where, when, why and how are UK peatlands’ extent and condition assessed?  
  • How are national and regional strategies translated into effective action programmes? UK peatland projects and partnerships share their range of approaches including different delivery models of different ages in different areas.  
  • Funding, finance and training – what resources are required, available and under development to ensure sustainable favourable outcomes for peatlands in the context of public goods land-management and restoration? 


View the full IUCN UK PP Conference 2020 Programme:

2020 IUCN UK PP Conference Programme Summary

We are also inviting organisations to take part as online Exhibitors this year from 6-7pm on Wednesday 9th December. The deadline for organisations to confirm their participation is Monday 30th November. Please note this is on a first come, first served basis. For more details please refer to the Exhibition invitation

If you have a suggestion for, or would like to host a discussion session, engagement event or share you work in our virtual exhibition hall please contact 


Conference 2020. Sphagnum image © Timothy Paine

 Sphagnum image © Timothy Paine