Peatland Code Projects

The UK Land Carbon Registry and Registry Guidance

Image: Sphagnum pulchrum © Norrie Russell

Peatland Code Projects


Peatland Code projects are hosted on the UK Land Carbon Registry alongside Woodland Carbon Code projects.  

The UK Peatland Code Registry is the Peatland Code’s electronic database that stores and publicly displays data about the status of Projects and ownership and use of Carbon Units. Managed by IHS Markit, it records transactions and provides a public and transparent picture of UK-based Carbon Units.  All Peatland Code Projects and Carbon Units must be recorded on the Peatland Code Registry.


Peatland Code projects on the UK Land Carbon Registry- correct as of 30th November 2020:


Total number of Peatland Code projects  24
Total Area of Peatland  4232 ha
Average project duration (for validated projects)  58 years
Average project size (for validated projects)  112 hectares


Project status breakdown:

Registered projects
Number of projects registered and ‘under development’                     20


Validated projects
Number of validated projects                              4                 
Projected emissions reduction as total number of validated, claimable Pending Issuance Units* (PIUs)                         101,944


Verified projects
Number of verified projects                               0
Projected emissions reduction as total number of verified, claimable Peatland Carbon Units* (PCUs)                               0
* 1 Carbon Unit = 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide equivalents