Peat-free Horticulture Addendum: Further case studies released

February 24, 2023

Download the IUCN UK Peatland Programme Demonstrating Success - Peat-free Horticulture Addendum

At COP26 in Glasgow (November 2021), IUCN UK Peatland Programme published a report showcasing successes in peat-free horticulture.

'Peat-free Horticulture – Demonstrating Success

The report highlighted the end of peat use as an opportunity not only to help the environment but also to enable a lasting and sustainable horticulture industry. Gardeners and professional plant growers are increasingly finding better alternatives to using peat.  A wide range of materials are available including wood fibre, bark, and home-made compost, with many of these having their own environmental benefits such as reducing waste.


Some players in the industry, including growers, retailers and producers of growing media, are continuing to take swift action on reducing and phasing out peat use. It was therefore timely that we capture this positive shift and highlighted a suite of further case studies in an addendum to the original document


Clifton Bain, IUCN UK Peatland Programme Adviser said:

“The additional case studies in the addendum report show yet further evidence of an expanding economic industry in the UK supplying peat-free products for horticulture whilst supporting the conservation of peatlands both home and abroad.”


Demonstrating Success Addendum


Download the addendum below: