Brecklet and Corriechoich ditch blocking project


Around 29 km of drains were blocked and reprofiled restoring around 160 hectares of peatland


Blanket Bog and wet heath

Project Aims

Re-wetting of Peatland and improved water quality

Site Activity

Ditch blocking (peat dams) and reprofiling


Project Name: Brecklet and Corriechoich ditch blocking project

Organisation / Lead partner: Langwell & Braemore Estates

Location: Langwell & Braemore Estate, Caithness

Approximate area covered: 160 ha

Conservation Status: Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Area of Conservation (SAC)

Predominately: Upland

Peat Habitats: Blanket bog, Upland heath

Project Type: Restoration

Year Project Began: 2020

Project End Date: 2020