Salvaich Peatland Restoration


Blanket bog and wet heath

Project Aims

Blocking of drains to re-wet peat and improve water quality

Site Activity

Around 90km of active drains have been blocked with peat dams and reprofiled. About 48km of hag has been reprofiled and 50 timber dams to stop sediment transfer as well as around 2km of badly eroded drains being revegetated.


Project Name: Salvaich Peatland Restoration

Organisation / Lead partner: Langwell & Braemore Estates

Location: Langwell & Braemore Estates, Caithness

Approximate area covered: 400 ha

Conservation Status: Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Area of Conservation (SAC)

Predominately: Upland

Peat Habitats: Blanket bog, Upland heath

Project Type: Restoration

Year Project Began: 2020

Project End Date: 2021